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Australian Hearts asked JND to create a short animation that would help people understand that AEDs in the workplace save lives. The animation needed to be engaging and accessible while educating the audience about a serious message. 

We worked with the client on the script and messaging and presented storyboards, animatics and several versions with different call-to-action endings. 

You can help get more AEDs in the workplace by signing the petition.

What we did:

  • – Scriptwriting
  • – Storyboards
  • – Animation
  • – Voice over
  • – Direction
AEDs in the workplace save lives!

Our Process

The process was collaborative. We worked closely with the client crafting the script and messaging. We worked with animator Phil Jennings creating storyboards, animatics and several versions of the final video with different endings. The characters were rigged and animated using After Effects. The voiceover talent was Michaela Bolzan and it was recorded at Sound Kitchen.

Storyboard page 1
Storyboard page 2
Storyboard page 3
Storyboard page 4
Animation style frame example