Little James and MiaKat look down at Earth from space

The Adventures of Little James



The Adventures of Little James (TAOLJ) is a story world to inspire people to appreciate the small things in life. I started this project as a way to express my fun-loving sense of adventure, push my creative boundaries and collaborate with other industry experts.

The world features five characters, Little James (curious adventurer), MiaKat (crazy fluffball), Webasaurus (techno whiz), Zee (mindful ninja) and Printomatic (creative genius).

I created the characters, branding, website, clothing, animations and snapchat lenses.

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What we did:

  • – Character design
  • – Branding
  • – Animation
  • – Website design
  • – Snapchat lenses
Proof of concept animation
Snapchat lens
Snapchat lens sample movie

Our Process

Ten years ago I designed four characters to represent different design services for my digital portfolio, and a mini me. That Christmas, I made a Little James USB figurine and gave it to clients as a gift. The response was amazing. People sent me photos of Little James at their work, in their house or with their kids. Inspired, I started a Facebook page and took him with me everywhere I went. Little James summited Mt Kosciuszko, kayaked on Lake Tahoe, walked the streets of London, experienced a Boeing A380 simulator and gazed in awe at the Eiffel Tower. Hundreds of photos kept coming in - Little James had a community!

I launched the TAOLJ website and shop. The Little James USB now came in rocket ship packaging, with a pipe cleaner travel scarf and swappable expression heads.

In 2017 I collaborated with illustrator Charles Santosa to develop Little James and friends into 3D character sketches. Animator Phil Jennings created 3D models from the sketches in 2018. We created a proof-of-concept animation to show how the characters would interact with live footage plates.

I keep the crew as 3D-printed figurines on my desk. They inspire me to write stories, create content and take them out and about on adventures. I’m currently working on a series of short animations based on mindfulness and a new set of snapchat lenses. The Adventures of Little James continue to evolve!

Original isometric character designs
Previous JND website design
Little James USB sticks in xmas packaging
First client supplied image and my response
Behind-the-scenes – Lake Tahoe
Behind-the-scenes – lots of lying down!
Over 1000 photos have been taken of Little James so far
Rocket ship packaging for the Little James USB stick
Rocket ship packaging internal view (with pipe cleaner travel scarf)
USB stick expression heads packaging
Original sketches for the team
Little James
Dr B
Zee pose sketches
Little James briefing sheets
Little James facial expressions
MiaKat briefing sheets
Webasaurus briefing sheets
Printomatic briefing sheets
Zee briefing sheets
Character changes
Little James final turnaround
MiaKat final turnaround
Webasaurus final turnaround
Printomatic final turnaround
Zee final turnaround
Sizing lineup in relation to Little James
First animation test
3D printed characters