A different brilliant brand video

ASPECT internal comms brand

Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT)

Video graphics

JND won a competitive pitch to help Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT) bring the company’s purpose to life in a fun, engaging and emotive way.

We started with a series of icons that represented six key words from the purpose statement. Drawn in the same style as the ASPECT logo, they were consistent with the main brand and could be animated seamlessly from one to the other. The icons were used in print materials, animation and employee interviews to reinforce the company purpose.

We collaborated with illustrator Doug Wells, animator Phil Jennings, script writer Ingerlise Jensen and videographer Daniel Verguizas.

The result was an internal brand campaign that increased awareness and understanding of ASPECT’s purpose and created a meaningful connection back to the brand. 

What we did:

  • – Illustration
  • – Animation
  • – Video graphics
  • – Video production
Purpose video (full version)
What does a different brilliant mean to you?
Campaign icons

James helped bring our brand to life and renewed our organisational purpose.

James approached the whole project with a strategic lens ensuring that the work we were doing was meeting the organisations strategic goals. At every step of the project James clarified the role of each of the resources we were creating and tweaked them to ensure that they were fit for purpose. The process brought new thinking to our brand marketing and was incredibly insightful. The end result was a number of resources that can be used across the organisation, on a wide range of platforms to support our purpose.

Liza Cassidy
Executive Manager Communications, Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)